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Click here for a great chart from OSU Extension on what to plant when

Click here for a great chart from OSU Extension on what to plant when

We don't just grow lavender around here! As the hot, dry summer weather continues, it's easy to forget that it's time to plant those winter veggies now! In our zone, August is the perfect time to plant broccoli, Chinese cabbage, endive, kohlrabi, lettuce, radish, and turnips.

And thank goodness for that, as the early summer vegetables in the raised beds shot to seed very quickly with the early hot weather! After losing the last two years to chickens, gophers, and moles, we spent last May and June (prime planting time in this neck of the woods) setting up a chicken run and building new raised beds with wire mesh bottoms to stop the critters! I do miss the sight of my chickens rummaging in the garden, but I am not missing them digging up all my new seedlings, and their new run is big enough to keep them happy. We went on to get a great crop of vegetables last year that I want to reproduce again this fall! 

So we're about to tear out all the overgrown and gone to seed vegetables (except the dinosaur kale - which is still in good shape!) and start with some fall vegetables. 

Being a bit of a rebel Master Gardener, I tend to push the envelope a little with what I plant. I like to gamble that it's going to be a long summer and that the row covers I use won't get blown off before they do their work of extending the growing season just a smidgen longer! So I'm planting some more beets, knowing I can always use the green tops if the weather sets in before the beets have formed! Oh, and carrots, lettuce, radish, basil, parsley, and chard. We'll see what happens! Worst comes to worse, I'm out a few packs of seeds so it's a cheap way to be a rebel!

Don't forget to check out the link above to a very handy chart from the OSU Extension Office on what's good to plant now in your area, or check out your local extension office if you're in other states! You'll be happily harvesting when that cold weather sets in!

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