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True love and lavender... a happy customer's story

ImageWe are not really in the shipping lavender business, but when I got a plea to help make a bride's wish come true, how could I say no! So I wanted to share the warm thankyou I received from the groom's sister, who had tracked us down via this blog and organized a bouquet to be fedexed to Michigan.

"I wanted to forward a picture of the [happy couple]. I guess you get the bonus of my grandmother too.
I presented Rachel with the bouquet about an hour before the ceremony. She cried tears of joy. She later said on the way out of the reception that it did calm her throughout the evening. I have scooped up all the little nodes that dropped while assembling the bouquet and the ones that fell on the table at the wedding. I've already started on a sachet that I will mail to her soon.
Thank you so much for all your help. You were lovely.

This brought tears to my eyes too Val! And you're so welcome! Ahhh... another lavender lover happy!

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Dorine I love that you used your lavender bunches for so many fun products to help you through the trauma of that fire! I infused vodka last year too - you just reminded me that I didnt drink it yet! Yum!

What a lovely story! I am so glad you were able to send the lavender to her. Doreen sent me some bundles of lavender last fall. They went into a bottle of healing vodka, infused some oil for body, bath, and massage, a couple of different sleepy-time tea blends and one bundle went into a vase. I enjoyed it in the hotel bathroom after our house fire until we were able to move back home. I still have some of the vodka, the bath/body/oil and a bit of the tea blend left -- and a beautiful memory of the lovely smell as I opened that package of lavender. I am sure this bride will happily remember that aroma the rest of her life! What a blessing you are!