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True love and lavender... a happy customer's story

ImageWe are not really in the shipping lavender business, but when I got a plea to help make a bride's wish come true, how could I say no! So I wanted to share the warm thankyou I received from the groom's sister, who had tracked us down via this blog and organized a bouquet to be fedexed to Michigan.


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My favorite Lavender Resources

I frequently get asked to share resources on lavender, everything from upcoming festivals to recipes to how to grow tips. So I've put together this list of my favorites. The fun thing about this list is that you can vote on your favorites and they'll rise to the top! Plus you can suggest things to a…

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Lavender and Raspberry Jam

I grow raspberries in my garden and have lots of wild blackberries - plus I have an amazing neighbor who is very generous with her raspberries. So its no wonder that I LOVE making jam! Its sooo much easier than most people think. I was lucky to grow up spending a lot of time with my grandma, who tau…

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Lavandula stoechas or Spanish Lavender

Lavandula stoechas is also called Spanish lavender and rabbit ear lavender due to the little rabbit ear bracts on the top (see the pic below). It has a piney, antiseptic fragrance, and is not usually used in cooking or for medicinal purposes. L. stoecahse flowers earlier than other lavenders, in the…

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Lavender���s Long History<br /><br />
<br />���<br /><br />
<br /> ����Ķ and still she slept an azure-lidded sleep, in blanched linen, smooth and lavendered���.								-Keats</p><br />
<br /><p>The botanical name Lavandula comes from the Latin lavare meaning to wash.<br /><br />
<br />The use of lavender as a strewing and bathing herb by the Romans is well documented. It was one of the ingredients of the Four Thieves vinegar famous in the Middle Ages. During this time, Europeans used dried lavender flowers under their pillows to ward off evil spirits.<br /><br />
<br />It was used extensively for medicinal purposes up until the 18th century in Britain.<br /><br />
<br />


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Selecting Varieties

Lavender has hundreds of varieties. Its wonderful stuff, and great to have so much choice, but now I feel like a kid in a candy store, and its hard to choose! I'll be posting about the different varieties shortly!

True lavender Lavandula officinalis

This is a dwarf shrub yielding a relatively sma…

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Planning for U-Pick

All the lavender farmers we have talked to come back to one thing: U-Pick is the backbone of your lavender farm. Oil production is glamorous but not that profitable. So we've been planning for our U-Pick customers. This involves thinking about:

  • Access

  • Parking

  • Staffing

  • Refreshments

  • Provid…
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    Hello world!

    Welcome to our lavender blog! Here, we'll share our steps and thoughts as we develop Sherwood Lavender Farm to the full scale operation we have planned. From acorns, great oaks do grow...

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