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Green Cleaning: Why I Love Lavender Essential Oil (And You Should, Too!)

This blog post was written for and first published on the American College of Healthcare Sciences blog on July 2, 2014. Reproduced here on my farm blog with permission. 

Ahh, lavender! It is absolutely one of my favorite flowers and essential oils. I became addicted to lavender 15 years ago durin…

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Essential Oil Now Available Online! Free Shipping with Code Sherwood12!!! Thanks in advance for supporting our farm!

Essential oil starting to come over in our distillation workshop at the farm in July 2012

We're super excited to announce that our 2012 distillation of our Lavandula intermedia essential oil is available online at the Apothecary Shoppe:
- 5-ml Lavandin Lavandula intermedia essential oil from Sher…

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Essential Oil Distilled for the Season: Thanks to Our Amazing Volunteers and EOC!!!

Our Lavandula intermedia was distilled last week at the Essential Oil Companies' Boutique Distillery. The Essential Oil Company ( offers custom distillation services and consulting, along with wholesale essential oils. If you are interested in oil, let us know!
We want to thank …

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Planning for Oil

Oil production on this boutique scale has to aim for quality. That involves selecting and caring for your plants, harvesting at the correct time, distilling carefully, and bottling and storing your oil correctly for optimal oil.

Oil in the separator

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